LMAO: Walmart Employee Tells Latino, ‘Speak English, We’re In Texas!’

by learn a language journalist

Go ahead and TRY to call her ‘racist’. We dare ya.

This woman ‘gets it’.

A person comes to America, not to carve out a small isolated (ie: ‘ghettoized’) echo of whatever part of the world they used to call home, they came her for a new life under a system that works marvelously well for those who follow the well-established blueprint for success.

Part of that Blueprint is E Pluribus Unum… becoming AMERICAN.


Watching this video, clearly she has successfully made that mental transition from being an ‘outsider’ to being truly American. And God bless her for it.


The customer — who has lived in America for 13 years — got upset by her insistance on speaking English and filmed her conversation with him.

Joel Aparcio, a father-of-two who owns a repair business in Houston, said he was shopping at the Walmart Supercenter on Sharver Street in Pasadena, Texas, on Sunday when he encountered a technical glitch while using a self-checkout machine.

A staffer named Cecilia came over to fix the problem, and Aparicio asked her if she spoke Spanish, to which she said ‘no.’

Cecilia was able to repair the machine and walked away, but before long it malfunctioned again.

When Cecilia returned, Aparicio told the Houston Chronicle that she said to him, in fluent Spanish, that he should not be in the US if he cannot speak English.
[…] Is it obligatory to speak English then?’ he asks the elderly Walmart staffer.

‘Yes, because we’re in Texas,’ she replies in Spanish.

Aparicio counters by saying that ‘money is what matters’ and points out that he is not there for ‘freebies.’
Source: DailyMail

Why did he film the conversation? To get her in trouble, of course.

Why did he want to get her in trouble? Because she insisted on speaking English to a man who had lived in the US for THIRTEEN years.

The man had no trouble understanding what she said in English, obviously, since he replied to what she said.

It wasn’t so long ago that immigrants were so eager for thier children to adapt and succeed in America that the mother tongue of whichever country they left behind wasn’t even spoken in the home.

Which of the two people in this conversation would YOU say really appreciates what it means to be in America?

But of course, he has complained to the press, and HR has been involved.

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