Did you know that PODCAST is a great way to learn English?

by learn a language journalist

Hello Beautiful People!

This month I gave an interview to the “English Made Simple Podcast” and it was a great experience!

I shared so many interesting things about my story moving and living in the US and I think you can learn and get valuable tips from this episode!

I also want to bring to your attention why podcast can be a great platform to help you learn English. So you can start feeling more confident to talk in public or to get that job that you are dreaming of, for example. 

Many of us struggle to learn English because we don’t have time or resources to go to classes or we find the traditional methods boring to death.

Podcast is a great solution for you!

You can listen anytime, anywhere – I love to listen while I’m in the car!

Besides all that, listening things in English is one of the best ways to start reaching fluency.

When looking for podcasts, you will discover that most of the good ones mix great content information with entertaining, fun and interesting facts. Is’nt that amazing? 

When I was searching for great podcasts, I found “English Made Simple” and it was such a great discovery! After listening to some of the episodes I contacted Milena, the podcast host, and we soon met over skype! I found out that she is also an immigrant, but originally from Serbia, who was raised in New Zealand, lived in Chile and now is in Australia!

 She is the master immigrant!

When we connected, we had so much to talk that we lost track of time, so you can already tell how awesome she is!

Milena created two years ago the podcast “English Made Simple” with the goal to keep in touch with her English students back in Chile, and because she adds so much value in each episode to the expat, immigrant, and English learners community, the podcast is being listened in many different countries including the US.

After we met each other we decided to create an episode together, where I shared with her audience, my experience learning English and many other related topics.

So, if you want to know more about how I learned English and all the tips about creating an empowered life abroad, GO TO HER PODCAST and listen to this episode!

Be prepared, because I know you will listen much more than just one! It’s addicting =).

Shine on!

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