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British Council has been here for a while. Well before we even started learning English. Not the online version, of course, but they have been helping EFL learners for a really long time. And they have a lot to offer, authenticity, vividness and a state-of-the-art approach.


If you become a registered member – and why wouldn’t you – you get a chance to interact with language learners just like you from all over the world. Believe me, it is worth becoming part of a community like that. Not only do you get feedback (eg. error correction of your submissions), you can also comment, ask questions and make friends.

Moreover, you can download the resources for your offline practice. There is even an app to learn what you need, even with your cell phone if you want to take your course with you on your holiday or on the bus.


The site has basically infinite resources as it uses all types of media available on the Internet. Hmmm, that is actually cutting edge!

Being a 21th century language learner requires input from various sources; books and teachers are simply not enough! Social media is the new language lesson and interactivity is the new language powerbook!


With all the necessary skills covered, britishcouncil.org is the place to spike up your grammar, even the minutest details. The ‘living context’ of the page ensures you acquire the new expressions effectively. Nothing is out of context here.

Authentic texts and videos help you to observe and internalize real language use and there is an abundance of accents to train your ears. Strangely enough, it seems careless fun and the next thing you know you’ll be able to interact with English speakers more easily, no more translating from your mother tongue to the target language. The world will open up, for sure!

Don’t be afraid, the site is customized to suit everybody’s level.


With all the possible regular conversational topics covered, British Council also offers a thorough digest of contemporary and current events, news and cultural phenomena.

Are you following the events of The Olympic Games? Then have a look at the newest events from another point of view, the language learner’s aspect. If you are interested in British customs, habits, history and culture, this website can help you.

Exam preparation and studying the language in the target country

There’s also an opportunity to prepare for IELTS, which is a popular, globally accepted exam system as not only local British Council teaching centres offer courses in all levels but if you’d rather take an online course, then so be it!

British Council is waiting just for you to make up your mind and choose an affordable and motivating way to REAL language competences!

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