Learn English meaning of documentaries – Documentaries

Brian:  Marni, do you want to go see a movie this weekend?

Marni:  Sure. What were you thinking?

Brian:  There’s a new action movie, and then there’s a documentary. I was assuming we’d go see the action movie.

Marni:  I think we should go see the documentary.

Brian:  Really? Don’t you think those are boring?

Marni:  Absolutely not. I love a good documentary. Leaning things about something, when they really delve in deeply. The impact it can have on you. It’s really profound.

Brian:  It just always seems like they’re about history. And I already studied that in class.

Marni:  It’s not always about history. It can be about human nature or a particular interest. I find it’s just so stimulating to watch a documentary about something I know nothing about. You learn all this information. It’s wonderful.

Brian:  So, you are in the belief that truth is stranger than fiction.

Marni:  Definitely. But there’s so many different styles of documentaries. Especially when they have interesting interviews with people that you really admire. I think we should go to a documentary. Expand your mind.

Brian:  Alright.

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