Learn English meaning of ‘Easter egg hunts’ – Easter Egg Hunts

Jessica:  Kelsey, I happen to be Jewish, but I actually volunteered myself to host Easter this year, and I need some help. I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to do. I do remember having Easter egg hunts when I was little, so I know there will be kids there, so I’ll do that.

Kelsey:  OK, I can definitely help you. I grew up celebrating Easter. It’s right after the season of Lent, and it symbolizes the rebirth of Jesus in the Christian religion. But definitely, the Easter eggs are a good thing to start with. Do you have any dye to dye the Easter eggs with?

Jessica:  Oh, I actually do. That was one thing I remembered to purchase. And then, I actually got some candy and fun things to put together Easter baskets. I also have lots of pastel colors to decorate the house.

Kelsey:  You sound like you’ve got it covered.

Jessica:  Oh, thank you! Well, maybe you can come over and help me.

Kelsey:  I will, for sure. And, if you have lots of kids there, you have to keep an eye on them… they tend to hoard all the Easter eggs.

Jessica:  Good idea. I’ll make sure to watch all of the kids throughout the party and definitely during the Easter egg hunt.

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