Learn English meaning of contact lenses – Contact Lenses

Gary:  That must be so frustrating!

Jessica:  My contact lenses get dry, and I try to insert them, but the material they are made out of is just rigid.

Gary:  It does correct your vision, though. Right?

Jessica:  It does. And because I have contact lenses, I can wear them with sunglasses.

Gary:  Yeah, the compatibility is completely there. Absolutely. I’ve often wondered, though… is it invisible? Or is it clear?

Jessica:  Well, mine are tinted blue, but you would never know it. When you look at my eyes, you can’t tell that I’m wearing the contacts, because they aren’t big like soft lenses.

Gary:  Wow, and can you just wear them all the time? Because it really weirds me out, just touching your eye.

Jessica:  I know. I am a little bit limited with how often I can wear them. But I try to take them out at night when I go to sleep.

Gary:  Wow. That amazes me every time someone talks about it.

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