Learn English meaning of therapy – Therapy

Lily:  Hey, Brian. How’re you doing?

Brian:  Good. I just got done with my first therapy session.

Lily:  Oh. You go to therapy?

Lily:  What is that like?

Brian:  It was actually really great. It was just talking to someone else. It was really nice. It was really cathartic. I got to vent and let off my frustrations.

Lily:  Release all of your inner feelings to a complete random stranger? Do you think that’s actually helpful?

Brian:  But it is a way of venting. Have you ever talked to a friend about a hard day at work?

Lily:  Oh, yeah, definitely. All the time.

Brian:  It’s just like that. I feel like I’m constantly evolving. And it’s nice to have a way to speak to those things aloud and have a release. I feel like it makes me more self-aware when someone is listening to what I have to say.

Lily:  It’s like a personal growth kind of a thing?

Brian:  It’s really interesting. I really highly recommend it.

Lily:  OK. I’ll think about it.

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