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Have you always had a love for Spain? Do you love the passion of the Flamenco and fast pace of the Paso Doble? Have you always had a love for Spanish food, such as Gazpacho and Tortilla EspaƱola? Do you dream of the extensive sandy beaches of the Mediterranean? Have you always wanted to learn how to speak Spanish?

Why wait? Now is the perfect time to get started and learn Spanish the fun way!

Pepe and Tete is a Spanish language experience business based in Surrey, United Kingdom. From private to group lessons, they offer a learning experience that is tailored to all ages and levels i.e. from toddlers to adults and from beginners to advanced students.

Pepe and Tete focuses on two main aspects of teaching Spanish:

That is why their learning methods are broadly categorised into tutoring and full immersion experiences.

The tutoring is provided by native speakers via online lessons with plenty of practical and conversational exercises to develop the listening and speaking skills.

Then the full immersion programmes combine learning and fun in a natural setting that allows you to fully appreciate the rich Spanish culture. These programmes take place in the south of Spain by the Mediterranean. The program ensures that participants practice Spanish while taking part in everyday life fun activities such as visits to the market, local shops, and shopping centres where they will need to manage themselves to buy different products. Additionally, the programme includes a variety of activities such as Flamenco workshops, cooking/ baking and a special sport called Padel.

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