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Step 1 (0-5 minutes)

Start with a video! Most News services offer short 1 or 2 minute news highlights.

I like the News in 90 Seconds with the ABC as they have the key headlines for Australia which update every hour. It’s not for English learners so it will be fast. There are usually 4-6 stories per video.

Watch the video twice with no sound and answer these two questions:

Step 2 (5-15 minutes)

Now watch the video with sound! You can watch it a few times so that you understand the main points. 
Write one sentence to summarise each of the main stories. Use your own words!

Step 3 (15-25 minutes)

Choose ONE of the stories from the video that interests you. Try to find a news article about these stories. You can use any of the websites I listed above. Try to choose an article that is not too long or too difficult for you.
Read the article out loud to yourself. Use a highlighter to highlight any words that are new for you. Don’t stop reading, just highlight and continue.

Step 4 (25-45 minutes)

Check the meaning of the words in a dictionary. Be sure to consider the context so that you choose the right meaning.

Step 5 (45-60 minutes)

Read the article again – write a few key words to summarise each paragraph.

Step 6 (60-90 minutes)

Do some English exercises. 
If you have used an article from an English learning news website then choose some exercises or activities they have. If not, you can make your own! Here are some ideas:
1. Gap fill: Copy the text to Microsoft Word and delete all the highlighted words and replace with a gap. Then go back and see if you can remember which words go in which gap.
2. Cut the story: Cut the story into each line. Mix up all the lines and try to put them back together!
3. Write comprehension questions: Imagine you are the IELTS examiner! What questions would you ask to test whether the student understood the text.

Step 7 (90-120 minutes)

Discuss your opinion.
Think about your own opinion on the article or the topic/ issue. If you can, discuss your opinion with a friend.
Also, many news articles have a comments section at the bottom. If your article does, write your opinion there. You can also read the other comments and reply to people as if you were having a discussion.

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