Learn English meaning of ‘Smoothies’ – Smoothies

Jessica:  So, Dominique, I am trying to incorporate smoothies into my daily regimen. But I don’t know if I like them.

Dominique:  They’re so easy to make. I have one every day. I get my essentials, my vitamins. It’s low calories. It’s just delicious.

Jessica:  I just don’t find them very tasty. Maybe, I need to get together with you, and we can look up some recipes because I feel like I’m not getting enough calories. I am so hungry after I have my smoothie that it’s not worth it.

Dominique:  But that’s the weight lost part of it. I mean, it fills you up, and you lose weight. Apples, carrots, celery… kale…

Jessica:  Do you use wheatgrass, too?

Dominique:  I do a shot of wheatgrass but not all the time.

Jessica:  That’s so scary to me. It really intimidates me.

Dominique:  You have to do it in a shot, and then you have to chase it with orange juice. It’s the only way.

Jessica:   That’s making my tummy turn. I don’t know if I can handle a smoothie a day.

Dominique:  I swear to you they’re tasty. Come over to my house. I’ll make one for you.

Jessica:  OK, that sounds like a plan. Sounds good!

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