Learn English meaning of ‘going to the dentist’ – Going to the Dentist

Andy_H:  Hey Dominique! I just finished watching “Little Shop of Horrors,” and it reminded me of my anxiety for going to the dentist. It’s something that I really don’t like doing. I usually expect the worst. When I’m actually in a chair at the dentist, I feel like the dentist might be some kind of sadistic weirdo.

Dominique:  I actually love going to the dentist.

Andy_H:  Really?

Dominique:  I love getting my teeth clean. Just something about the dentist cleaning my teeth, it makes me feel really good, and I like seeing my x-rays, too.

Andy_H:  The coolest part about me going to the dentist is actually seeing my x-ray. I do like seeing my teeth, but whenever the doctor is chiseling or drilling inside my mouth, I always start to clench the armbars and really just get anxious.

Dominique:  I get anxious, too, but in a really good way, like I can’t wait. I’m actually going this Wednesday.

Andy_H:  Really?

Dominique:  Yes, I am excited.

Andy_H:  Well, you know, maybe I’ll have to book my own appointment. It’s been a while.

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