Learn English meaning of ‘grad school’ – Grad School

Jessica:  I have been debating, lately, whether or not I should look into going to graduate school.

Brian:  Oh! Grad school! I actually went to grad school.

Jessica:  Did you really?

Brian:  Yeah, I have my master’s degree in Fine Arts.

Jessica:  Oh, that is so cool. I had an amazing experience in undergrad because I had some incredible professors, and… I don’t know… I’ve been debating whether it is worth the investment.

Brian:  I’ll say, it does take a lot more dedication. I mean, you really home in on what you’re studying. You mentioned professors…

Jessica:  Yeah.

Brian:  I enjoyed it because I got to know them really closely. It’s a much smaller class. And you have to make sure you have the right qualifications. But it is a great way to further your education…

Jessica:  Yeah.

Brian:  And can lead to really great opportunities.

Jessica:  It sounds so intimidating. I don’t know… Maybe, for now, I’ll look into an internship instead and work up the courage to apply for graduate school.

Brian:  Yeah. If you need any more information, just let me know.

Jessica:  Sounds good. Thanks!

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