Learn English meaning of ‘mall walking’ – Mall Walking

Jessica:  I have to admit… I have taken up a very bizarre habit.

Andy_H:  You’re not going antiquing again, are you, Jessica?

Jessica:  Not this time. I have fallen in love with mall walking.

Andy_H:  With mall whating?

Jessica:  Mall walking. I don’t know if you know this… the mall actually opens about three hours before all of the stores open so the employees can get in…

Andy_H:  Sure.

Jessica:  …and there are hundreds of people at the mall, in tennis shoes and workout attire, speed walking and doing laps around the mall.

Andy_H:  For exercise?

Jessica:  Yes! And it also is a socialization technique. I meet other mall walkers, and we get together and team up, and we coordinate the time that we arrive, and it helps us get fit.

Andy_H:  Wow! I’m at a loss for words. Is it good cardio?

Jessica:  Well, you’d be surprised. I actually break a sweat, and I don’t break the bank because I’m window shopping.

Andy_H:  Well, well, well… maybe, I’ll just have to go mall walking.

Jessica:  You can join me.

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