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Andy_H:  I am so tired of my dad calling me lazy just because I was born a Millennial. Give me a break, okay? We inherited a bunch of issues that we want to deal with as our own generation. Don’t you agree that Millennials really get a hard time?

Jessica:  Actually, I have a friend who works in an office environment. She complains all the time about the Millennials she works with, saying they are very cynical and they are slackers sometimes. They tend to want things handed to them, and they don’t always work as hard as everybody else.

Andy_H:  That’s typical. I really have a hard time believing that every single generation before us had it figured out. We have a better understanding of social media, and we might be more idealists, thinking that, maybe, we can make a better future for our grandkids by fixing climate change problems or helping out with race relations.

Jessica:  It sounds like there might be a lot of generational differences between us, but I think we can work together to fix a lot of these challenges.

Andy_H:  I one hundred percent agree. And if there’s one thing I know about Millennials, it’s that we’re optimists.

Jessica:  There you go.

Andy_H:  We’re ready, baby.

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