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Jessica:  I was cleaning my house this weekend, and there was so much clutter. I think that I went overboard with collecting.

Gary:  Uh-oh!

Jessica:  I’ve been collecting antiques for a while now, and they’re everywhere.

Gary:  I don’t know if you know this, but I have a huge amount of vintage antiques.

Gary:  Yeah. We’ve got heirlooms from my wife’s grandmother.

Jessica:  Oh, wow!

Gary:  We’ve got so many mementos from my mom’s side of the family, from my dad’s side of the family… all 70, 80, some 120 years old.

Jessica:  Oh! That’s incredible! I bet some of those are very valuable.

Gary:  I think so. We have a piece from 1910 Italy.

Jessica:  Wow! That’s incredible.

Gary:  It looks so great. It’s almost like everything old is new again.

Jessica:  Exactly! It sounds like you have a lot of things that have been passed down from generation to generation, and you’ve held onto them. You should try to sell some… see what they’re worth.

Gary:  I was going to say the same to you. I think you’ve got something you could sell.

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