Learn English meaning of cosplay – Cosplay

Gary:  I didn’t know that Halloween was happening already.

Jessica:  Is it?

Gary:  I saw people dressed up in costumes all over the place.

Jessica:  They were probably going to the Comic-Con convention that’s happening right now.

Gary:  Oh! Those were cosplayers.

Jessica:  Yes, they were. One of my friends is really into cosplay, and she makes her own costumes and is very creative when it comes to the characters that she dresses up as.

Gary:  Wow! I guess it’s a great way for people to just escape their day-to-day lives and just play in this fantasy world. And, I guess, also practice skills with sewing and designing costumes.

Jessica:  Exactly! It’s also a really great way to build a network of friends and peers who are also in love with that hobby.

Gary:  I’ve actually heard a lot of people say that they think these people should just grow up, but it seems more like a fun way for people to celebrate something that they like.

Jessica:  Yeah, it may seem juvenile, but I really think it could be cool. Maybe, we should check out Comic-Con.

Gary:  When does it close?

Jessica:  I don’t know. Let’s go right now.

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