Learn English meaning of ‘Texas’ – Texas

Gary:  If there’s one thing I walked away from Texas knowing, it’s that everything is bigger in Texas.

Jessica:  Really?

Gary:  Holy cow! The streets, all the cars, so many people…. It’s huge!

Jessica:  I have heard rumors about the breakfast tacos. Did you have those, or is that an Austin thing?

Gary:  I think it might be an Austin thing. I didn’t have any breakfast tacos in Dallas.

Jessica:  Oh! Well, I’ll have to get to Texas, and I’d love to stop in Austin as well. Although, I have heard there is a hipster vibe there.

Gary:  You know, it sounds a little like some other cities in the US, like Portland or Denver…

Jessica:  San Francisco…

Gary:  San Francisco. What do they call themselves in Austin, have you heard?

Jessica:  Austinite. Is that right?

Gary:  I don’t know.

Jessica:  Yeah. Well, maybe, I will go travel to Austin and become an Austinite.

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