Learn English meaning of ‘fedoras’ – Fedoras

Kelsey:  Hey, Gary. I see you’re wearing a fedora. Do you know where that name comes from?

Gary:  Yeah. To the best of my knowledge, it originates from Frank Sinatra, who made it super popular.

Kelsey:  You know, I’m really sorry to tell you this, but that’s actually false.

Gary:  Oh! Really?

Kelsey:  It was originally named for Victorian actress Sarah Bernhardt. She was portraying a Russian princess named Fédora Romanoff while wearing the hat, and it actually became a feminist symbol of the time.

Gary:  Wow! TIL… Today, I learned!

Kelsey:  It’s really interesting. This Sarah Bernhardt was actually very well known for cross dressing.

Gary:  That’s really amazing. I thought that the evolution of the fedora was just through Hollywood, and more and more people wore the hat and just associated it with, I guess, masculinity. And the history of that is… now that I know… all wrong. So, wow! I had no idea.

Kelsey:  Yeah, I was surprised to learn as well, but it really was a major style trend for females.

Gary:  That is so cool!

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