Learn English meaning of ‘podcasts’ – Podcasts

Jessica:  Gary, I just started listening to podcasts…

Gary:  Hold on- just want to take out my earbuds. Sorry, I was listening to some podcasts. What were you talking about?

Gary:  Oh, no way!

Jessica:  Yes! I just started listening to podcasts.

Gary:  That’s awesome! I was just listening to a radio drama.

Jessica:  Oh, you’ll have to tell me about it. I’ve been really into the documentary-style podcasts. I just finished Serial. It was incredible. I just want to listen to it again actually.

Gary:  NPR does some amazing podcasts.

Jessica:  They really do. It’s amazing to me that they’re newsworthy content but so engaging. I feel like I’m learning something new while I’m listening.

Gary:  Every single morning I’m listening to a podcast, because there’s so much great educational content that I can just learn about people, culture, new ideas, and be inspired.

Jessica:  Yeah.

Gary:  I love it!

Jessica:  I’ve been listening to them at the gym, which is really random, but it allows me to focus not only on my exercise and what I’m doing but also the storytelling.

Gary:  Yeah, and it’s not just radio blabbering where someone’s talking about the day-to-day with no real clear idea of where they’re going.

Jessica:  Exactly. I love it!

Gary:  Podcasts. So good!

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