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அன்புள்ள நண்பர்கள, Chers Amis,               Dear Friends,

Welcome to the website of the Alliance Française of Madras.

Alliance Française has a foothold in Chennai since 1953 and works at fostering Indo-French mutual understanding through the development of languages and cultures. We offer a platform in Tamil Nadu to go beyond cross-cultural boundaries and to flourish relation between people of France and of India.

We are a non-profit organisation whose mission is to offer unique opportunities to all public to expand their linguistic and cultural sensibility. We offer French language classes using innovative state-of-the-art methodology and material and we keep programming artistic events in all disciplines that promote the richness and diversity of cultures.

We are thrilled by excellence, expertise and professionalism. Our house is highly convivial; our teams work at being creative and innovative. We support diversity and equal opportunities for all will all pertaining to humanistic values.

Our website is your tool to discover our courses and related schedule or examinations results, as well as our cultural programs

Looking forward to welcoming you soon at AFMadras.

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