How to Learn French With Minecraft

Let’s practice our French and learn new French vocabulary in the virtual reality world of the video game Minecraft.

In this series of videos, I’ll play Minecraft in survival mode: I’ll explore the world around me, farm, build, fight monsters at night… all in French!

As I play, I’ll describe many things in French, helping you practice your French and learn new words of vocabulary in context.

So without further ado, here is the playlist for my “Modern French Practice With Minecraft”.

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See below on how to turn on/off the French and English CC and make sure your speakers are on and volume up!

1 – Minecraft in French = A Close to Real Life Practice

Of course, since none of the action is scripted – and anything can happen as I play – I may make some little mistakes in French as I’m multitasking: playing and speaking out loud at the same time…and that’s a good thing.

In a natural French conversation, people hesitate, stop mid-sentence, correct themselves… and yes, even make mistakes! But students of French seldom have the opportunity to train with a “natural” conversation: everything they study with is made for studying, overly enunciated, scripted and perfectly delivered. This is not what happens in real life!

So it’s a good thing that you train on hearing “natural” French: not only “spoken modern French” with all the glidings that we apply when we speak in a relaxed setting, but also hesitations, and even mistakes. Since I do my best to speak a bit slower than the normal, I hope you will still understand what I say, and it will be a good French practice.

2 – Minecraft in French To Improve Your French Vocabulary

As I interact with the world around me, I’m going to describe in French what I do, and I will often explain some words of vocabulary, or illustrate a theme such as tools in French, animals in French, farming, building, fighting…

If you go to YouTube to watch the video, read the description: I will often add a link to relevant articles on French Today’s blog.

3 – Minecraft in French To Improve Your French Comprehension

I’ll do my best to speak somewhat slow, and use an intermediate level of French… But in the heat of the action, it’s sometimes difficult to keep collected!

It’s Ok if you don’t understand everything. The action, the context should help you figure out what’s going on. This is not designed to be a super serious lesson either: it’s more like a fun and useful recreation in French! Hopefully, you’ll have fun with me 🙂

If you’d like to study French seriously, I suggest you check out my structured French learning audiobook method.

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4 – Learn French With Minecraft – For Kids or Adults?

I’m 48 as I write this article… And I know many adults around me who enjoy playing video games…

So sure, my minecraft videos can be watched by kids: if you are a French teacher, don’t hesitate to show my videos to your class! I’m sure your students will love them. Don’t hesitate to write me to give me some feedback!

But I sincerely hope this series will be a fun way to learn some French for adults as well. Leave me a comment! Let me know!

5 – How to Turn on The Subtitles (CC) on YouTube

I have personally checked the subtitles in French. The English subtitles however are automatically generated by YouTube, so not reliable – I glanced over them and corrected the bigger mistakes, so they should be accurate enough for you to understand the French.

With the CC option located on the bottom right of the YouTube video, you can choose to turn the CC (close captions) on and off.

The button to the right, looking like a Gear, will let you switch between French or English CC – or no CC at all..

6 – Please React!

Shooting the video is the very tip of the iceberg.

For 20 minutes of video, there is at the very least 3 hours of post work: first I shoot the video (so… the time of the video!!), then I need to do the image for the episode (15 minutes), check and edit my video (add the logo, a into and outro : 1 hour) publish onto YouTube (30 minutes) check the French CC (40 minutes), briefly check the English CC (20 minutes), announce the video on Facebook, Instagram etc… (30 minutes)…

So, it takes an awful amount of time… So please react! Press ❤️or 👍, leave a comment, let me know that you understood me, make a suggestion – don’t tell me to go kill the Ender Dragon though… I’m a terrible video game player so there is only that much I can accomplish on Minecraft!!

I hope you had fun, and let’s connect soon on my various social medias!

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