Learn English meaning of ‘newspapers’ – Newspapers

Gary:  Did you know that, when I was 13, I had a newspaper route and delivered newspapers to people.

Romeo:  I could totally see that. Did you have one of those BMX bikes?

Gary:  Yeah, I did. That’s exactly what I had. It was a BMX bike.

Romeo:  It’s too physical. If I did deliver papers, I’d be in the car, and I’d just chuck them out the window.

Gary:  Yeah, I did that, too. Newspapers…

Gary:  … of information to offer up to people.

Romeo:  For sure. I mean, we’re in the digital age. All breaking news now… you can just find out about it on your Android.

Gary:  Yeah, and Twitter, on Instagram, Facebook. It’s a 24-hour news cycle everywhere, at all times.

Romeo:  I don’t even know why people would even want to have that physical newspaper in their hand. I mean, why don’t they just get with the program?

Gary:  I have to admit I actually like having a newspaper delivered…

Romeo:  Again, why am I not surprised?

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