Learn English with Pictures – Spring

There are four seasons in the UK: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Spring is the first season of the year in England. In the UK and North America, spring begins in April and ends in June.

In spring, flowers bloom and trees grow new leaves. Birds build nests and lay eggs.

The weather gets warmer, though the days can sometimes be wet and windy.

Words to Learn and Remember

season, spring, flowers, trees, birds.

Quick Quiz

Choose the best word (or words) to complete the sentence below.

Correct answer: ‘Spring begins in the month of April’.

The word of is a preposition. It is used here to show the connection between spring and the month when it begins. We use the preposition ‘at‘ to talk about times and places. We use the preposition from to indicate time periods and the distance between things.

What season is it in your country now? Which season is your favourite season? Why?

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