Learn English meaning of edutainment – Edutainment

Andy_H:  I just came back from visiting my cousins, and you wouldn’t believe how they’re learning nowadays.

Kelsey:  What do you mean?

Andy_H:  Well, they were showing me this really cool game that they had on their iPad, and it was teaching them history lessons about the Mayflower.

Kelsey:  Are you saying that they’re using video games in the classroom setting?

Andy_H:  I absolutely am! So, what they’re doing is gamifying, or using gamification, to make education a lot of fun.

Kelsey:  You know, it does sound very interesting. I’m just a little skeptical that it’s too much focus on entertainment and not on instruction.

Andy_H:  Whatever way a kid is going to learn, they’re going to learn that information. But do you want to just shove it down their throats with a textbook, or do you want to let them play?

Kelsey:  Yeah, you know, it’s very interesting. I think they might be onto something.

Andy_H:  I think so as well. And, you know, this immersive style of teaching is a real hallmark of millennials.

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