Learn English Meaning of ‘Staycation’ – Staycation

Gary:  Are you looking for an exotic destination?

Jessica:  Maybe, I just, I really want something mellow and fun… some swimming, sunshine. I just want to expand my horizons.

Gary:  That sounds exhausting!

Jessica:  Are you a homebody?

Gary:  I’m just tired. I’ve been working so much!

Jessica:  See, you should get out on the road. Go explore!

Gary:  I actually think I need a staycation.

Jessica:  Really?

Gary:  I just want to stay at home, mellow out, maybe watch some Netflix.

Jessica:  I know travel can sometimes be hectic, but if I plan it, I promise you’ll like it better than staying at home. It’ll be relaxing. You can still feel mellow. But it will be nice. You can clear your head and go on an adventure.

Gary:  I think I want a Yoga vacation where I can staycation.

Jessica:  There you go. I’ll find a nice secluded retreat!

Gary:  That sounds really relaxing.

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