Learn English meaning of vitamins – Vitamins

Marni:  Oh, my goodness. My pill case… I don’t know where it is…

Jessica:  What? Why do you take so many pills?

Marni:  It’s not pills, per se. It’s just vitamins. I take a lot of supplements.

Jessica:  To get extra minerals in your diet?

Marni:  I like to take fish oil because I believe it’s going to keep me young. And I take probiotics because I think it’s good for your digestion. And I take a lot of vitamin D, because we don’t get a lot of sun here.

Jessica:  Wow.

Marni:  And I take lots of calcium and magnesium and all that stuff.

Jessica:  My goodness. I just take a multivitamin. I sometimes worry that I’m going to exceed my RDA, my recommended daily allowance.

Marni:  Oh, really? I just take as much as I want. I don’t ever worry about that.

Jessica:  I focus on my diet and hope that what I’m eating will then absorb into my body the way minerals do.

Marni:  I just feel like if I don’t take all these supplements, I just am missing something. I just feel like covering all of my bases that way.

Jessica:  Maybe I should look into this a little bit more.

Marni:  Maybe you should. Maybe I should take less. Maybe we’ll learn from each other.

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