Learn English meaning of ‘cleaning the bathroom’ – Cleaning the Bathroom

Gary:  Sometimes I really don’t like the weekends because I have to clean the bathroom.

Kelsey:  Oh, really? You don’t like cleaning your bathroom?

Gary:  You like cleaning your bathroom?

Kelsey:  Yes! It feels so good to take something that’s so dirty to completely clean.

Gary:  So, you like getting in there and scrubbing all the grime, the backbreaking work, hours in the shower, scrubbing, to get a clean shower.

Kelsey:  Scrubbing the toilet, using bleach, all of it.

Gary:  Whoa. I often have actually thought about calling a cleaning service because it just feels easier.

Kelsey:  Well, if you don’t want to spend the time doing it…

Gary:  Yeah.

Kelsey:  … I guess that makes sense. I just enjoy it so much. I like to reach my standard. My standard of cleaning is actually better than the industry standard of cleaning services, so I would never go to a cleaning service.

Gary:  I may have to hire you, then! Are you available for hire?

Kelsey:  You know, I will consider it.

Gary:  Let me know what your rates are.

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