An Easy Way To Learn Chinese That Works For People Bored By Mindless Repetition

Except for the threats, the sirens and the guys with guns … last night was amazing for my memory.

First, April got invited to make dumplings to celebrate the last day of Autumn and the first day of Winter on the Chinese calendar.

I love the Magnetic Memory Method because I was able to remember those words in Chinese …

秋天 qiūtiān (Autumn)

冬天 dōngtiān (Winter)

Crazy thing is … I’d only heard them once in my life and used an impromptu Memory Palace to memorize them.

Months later …

They Were All Still Intact!

As was this song that took really just a few minutes to memorize:

Sure, I had a bit of a pronunciation problem here and there, but that’s easily solved by developing muscle memory. It’s understandable that words you don’t use for months that you only heard once don’t exactly snap into place.

But what a GREAT feeling to be able to remember them! And all by doing something I really love:

Using my memory.

After that, we were shooting video and getting into more of the particulars about how all this works.

We Got Lost!

We wound up getting a bit lost and keeping warm inside the bank machine area of a building.

And that’s when the threats and guns appeared.

Turns out, that a guy didn’t like me having the camera on while April was teaching me how to say, “I’m lost” in Chinese.

Good thing the Magnetic Memory Method teaches relaxation as part of the memory technique …

You certainly need to be calm when a stranger starts telling you what you can and cannot do.

It’s hard managing your defensive instincts and memory at the same time.

(You’ll laugh when you see my reaction in the video and the guns that were there to keep us safe all along).

So yes, April and I survived.

Perfect Recall … Even Under Duress

And the coolest thing is that I was still able to memorize “I am lost” in Chinese.

I can still remember exactly how to say it this morning.

Not to mention a couple of other words and phrases.

Like, “Smells good!”

And “garbage can.”

Instantly Memorized!

No sweat.

No tears.

No index cards.

No software.

But as I was editing the video this morning … it occurred to me that not everyone learning Chinese has access to native speakers.

And in the video I was talking about some solutions. They’re all part of The Big Five of Language Learning.

But then I remembered something really special I’ve been following for awhile.

It’s a website called MandarinHQ.

And when they released a course on real spoken Chinese, I jumped at the chance yesterday to grab access to it.

It’s called The Real Spoken Chinese Vault.

Yes, I laid down some cash even though I have a Chinese native speaker in my family.


Partly because I like to support awesome people out on the Internet who do good work.

But also because I do memory research.

Lots of it.

And I also want to support  because what I’m about to tell you helps solve a huge problem for people learning Chinese.

It’s the “Can you please repeat that?” problem.

Chinese Native Speakers On Demand

Imagine having a video course where you get access to vocabulary and short phrases that lets you …

Instantly click a button …

… and then instantly hear that phrase again.

That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

Well, The Real Spoken Chinese Vault isn’t just about audio.

You Can Hear Them And See Them

The Real Spoken Chinese Vault also has video.

And you get strategically placed buttons so that you can see and hear 4-5 different native speakers repeat key phrases you’ll need to learn.

It’s the kind of button I wish I had in real life when learning a language.

For When You Can’t Put Life On Pause

Because, yes, I can memorize information in real time.

But sometimes it’s nice to be able to slow the world down and repeat things so I’m sure I’ve heard it right.

In fact, most of my memorization errors from real-time memory work come from now having heard it right.

What you’re about to learn about solves that problem.

Again, you get to SEE and HEAR native Chinese speakers.

A Lot In The Form Of Important
Questions And Answers

Just like you’ll need to know in every day speech.

But there’s more.

Not much more, but just enough more to make this powerful package a no-brainer:

Because the program really wants to help you learn Chinese without overwhelming you

Imagine a progression of exposure to the language in each lesson.

You start with seeing and hearing the speaker.

Progressive Exposure
Reduces Cognitive Overwhelm

You can repeat each one delivering the phrase as many times as you like.

Then, when you’re ready, you can see the pinyin.

Same principle applies.

Click that magic repeat button all that you like as you watch and listen.

And then move on to the next stage.

When You’re Ready …

Then, and only then will you see the Chinese characters on the screen.

Your magic repeat button is right there, ready for use.

This program truly is one of the only times I will support hard-repetition. It’s very smartly done.

It’s not boring.

It’s not painful.

And you learn in a way that doesn’t waste your language learning time.

I also like that each module ends in a quiz.

You Get To Test Yourself

So far, I’ve done really well and LOVE this program.

Here are some Basic Chinese examples with my own tailor-made (and Magnetic) Mandarin Mnemonics:

And you can get lifetime access now at a HUGE discount (time is running out, though!)

(Note: The following offer expired at 11:59 p.m., December 26th, 2016. To let me know that you’re interested in studying Chinese using memory techniques, please get in .)

Let me introduce you to my friend Angel to explain her “listening framework” in detail.

I’m going to do you even one better:

I’m going to make you a short video course of what I’m doing to memorize the material I need from the course using the Magnetic Memory Method.

But here’s the thing:

This bonus is only for people who take Angel’s course and keep it.

She’s being VERY generous with this discount for early adopters on LIFETIME ACCESS.

And I only want to reward people who take it for 30-days along with me.

So that means I’ll be sending you your access to the MMM Chinese Vault Supplemental 30-days after you grab The Real Spoken Chinese Vault before the deadline.

Can’t wait to share more of my Chinese memory journey with you soon!



P.S. Remember: This amazing opportunity for LIFETIME access to Angel’s The Real Chinese Vault with its unique listening and viewing framework closes soon. You should at least look it over.

P.P.S. You’re right. One bonus from me isn’t enough.

I’m also going to throw in a video I’ve already made about how that I quickly memorize Chinese poetry.

The poems are usually only 4 lines long, but I only need to hear them once. Recall is so strong that I am delighted by the response of native Chinese speakers.

Just check out this email I received after dinner the other night:

“Dear Anthony,

It was definitely happy time having dinner with you.

Especially, I checked out your website, that’s amazing. Those techniques, please forgive me that I call them techniques, help people memorize things. Actually, I was shocked that day, with your Mandarin.

As you know, not even all of real Chinese people speak 100% correct mandarin. And the way you were trying to memorize the few Chinese poems is cool. When I was trying to memorize the same poem at very young age, I don’t know what those words/characters mean. I just repeat it again and again. Those are ancient/classical Chinese words and very different from nowadays.”

​If you’d like to get emails like that yourself from native Chinese speakers, don’t miss out on my bonus. Scroll and click that link for The Real Chinese Vault now.

P.P.P.S. Oh, okay, yes after 30-days in The Real Chinese Vault, you can also get access to my Secret Chinese Vocabulary Facebook Group.

Unlike some of the other FB groups I run, this one isn’t free and the fun for language learners who use memory techniques is only getting started …​​​​

Scroll up, click the link and check out The Real Spoken Chinese Vault now.

Bonus Update For Action-Takers:
How To Use The Real Spoken Chinese Vault With The Magnetic Memory Method

If you joined us for the Chinese Vault special offer, here is your first bonus video:

Your password will have been delivered to you via email, so please be sure to check your spam and/or promotion folder if you haven’t received it.

Tone Control

The Ultimate Language Learning Secret

Also, be sure to have requested access to the Secret Facebook group for access to the 30-day Chinese Vault MMM Challenge. Can’t wait to share my mnemonic images with you! 🙂

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