Out on ‘Welly-town’ to learn English and Kiwi culture

Free travel and tickets inspired a ‘post-Covid lockdown’ trip to the capital

Two English Language Partners Palmerston North classes jumped on the comfy ‘Capital Connection’ bound for Wellington.

The train ride was a first for many, and everyone managed to make the 6.15 am departure time!

Catching the bus from Wellington central to Zealandia involved a practical and useful everyday task: learning to read street bus timetables.

At Zealandia, people were captivated by the huge Takahe walking freely, Kereru perching and brown teal swimming in the lake.

The wildlife is protected from predators, and the eco-sanctuary is rich in native trees, leaving native birds free to fly wild in the serene, beautiful environment.

Learners captured the display of beauty with their cameras and enjoyed the unique sounds of singing Tui, ‘skraark-ing’ Kaka and trilling Riroriro.

The classes returned to the city to picnic near the waterfront, then explored Te Papa’s exhibitions, where learner Dhana Pati made notes for a future class presentation.

‘Gallipoli – The Scale of Our War’ brought ANZAC Day to life as everyone had studied how Kiwis remember their fallen soldiers. Each enormous sculpture highlighted a personal story of life during wartime, and class members wrote messages on paper poppies, leaving them in front of the giant ‘fallen soldier’.

Learners also explored nature – but indoors at Te Taiao | the Nature Room, which further opened eyes about New Zealand’s wildlife and the ways we’re protecting our natural taonga.

To experience our shaky lands first-hand, learners tried standing in the ‘Earthquake House’. Curious Te Papa staff chatted before the classes left, providing an opportunity for some useful ‘English in the real world’ exchanges before walking along the waterfront to catch the train home.

The well-deserved outing was extra special for all after the hardships of the last three months.

English Language Partners thanks the Capital Connection, Wellington buses and Zealandia for the free rides and entry!

Wellington’s eco-sanctuary, Zealandia

Te Papa


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  • Learn about New Zealand culture
  • Go on day trips
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