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“If ever there was another emergency of the magnitude we saw this spring, we will redo it, but it will be on a case-by-case basis.”

In his question, Kelley noted it was then-Liberal interim leader Pierre Arcand who suggested to Legault that he add some English to his widely followed opening remarks during pandemic news conferences.

Kelley also noted that some Quebecers, especially vulnerable older ones without the internet, needed English information — including English documents — to understand and take steps to protect themselves.

Legault’s first news conference during the pandemic was on March 12. He added the English passage to his remarks a week into the briefings, on March 20.

“I want to say a few words in English for our fellow anglo Quebecers,” Legault said in his opening remarks at that news conference.

It was shortly after that the government also started publishing its pandemic information documents in English. Initially online, they were later printed and sent out to English-speaking Quebecers who said they had no internet.

There were complaints the process was slow, Kelley told Legault, asking if the premier will issue a clear directive for the future.

Meeting reporters later, Kelley said he was happy with Legault’s openness but will keep an eye on the results.

“I would prefer to hear the premier say that he told the machine to do things differently and issue a clear directive,” Kelley said. “But we’ll hold him to his word. It’s a bit wait-and-see.”

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