Learn English vocabulary from French: foie gras, du jour, faux pas… · engVid

Learn English vocabulary from French: foie gras, du jour, faux pas…

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Which of these words is a dessert that is made with cream and has a burnt top?
________________ is an appetizer.
To respond to an invitation, you would give _______________.
If you ask for pie "à la mode", you will also receive:
"Faux pas" literally means:
The soup "du jour" is only available:
"Eau de toilette" is:
A long chair that has room for your legs is called:
A "café au lait" is:
"Foie gras" is made with ____________ liver.

Good morning or bon matin! I’ve got 10/10. Thanks Ronny for such a funny beginning of my day.
Love your teaching style, sense of humour and materials that you send to us (students). Stay so amazing!

Thursday, June 11th 2020

Merci Ronnie, mais je ne connais pas l’expression ci-dessous….
I don’t know the expression below.
If you ask for pie “à la mode”, you will also receive ice cream ??

Thursday, June 11th 2020

Merci Ronnie, it’s funny when you prononce French words 😄 ! But « à la mode », I didn’t understand your explanation…
Have a good day

Thursday, June 11th 2020

Hi everyone, hi Rozen
Si tu demandes une tarte à la mode elle te sera servie avec de la glace dessus .

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My whatsapp number is +8801812788727
Thank you.

Thursday, June 11th 2020

I think that some of these words are also known among Brazilian Portuguese speakers. They became famous words.
Thank you Ronnie.

Thursday, June 11th 2020

Please , can anyone build to definitely help Ronnie speak better French ?

Thursday, June 11th 2020

Thank you, Ronnie, for this funny lesson!
The “foie gras” can be from duck or goose. In both cases, it’s really delicious but very mistreating for these poor palmipeds who would like to let their liver be quiet. Personally I have not eaten it for years and wish the disappearance of this production.

Friday, June 12th 2020

Ronnie, you are amazing! I love your lessons, I always learn a lot and also laugh like crazy, you are the best English teacher ever.

Friday, June 12th 2020

RSVP is really useful to respond or ask respond from someone. Thank’s Ronnie.

Sunday, June 14th 2020

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