Why Granada is one of the best destinations to learn Spanish |

The 2020 global pandemic has shown us many things. Among them, that we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Travel included. This summer many people have had to make tough choices about holiday plans and visiting friends and family and perhaps even question the necessity of foreign travel all together.

Do we need to travel? Why do we need to travel? I imagine most people’s answers to this question would be any and all of the following: for work or study, to visit family and friends, to widen horizons, take a break from familiar routines, experience different cultures, climates, landscapes, food, art and of course learn and practice other languages.

Learning the language was one of the key reasons I moved to Spain in 2009. I wanted to live, not for the first time, in a different country and experience a different life. Granada was recommended to me by a good friend who had herself come to the city for a few months to improve her Spanish. The rest is my history.

If you’re looking for somewhere to improve your Spanish, whatever your level, Granada is a pretty fantastic destination. It’s not too big and, with all the many cultural and social opportunities on offer in this great city, it’s the perfect place to go out and practice face-to-face whatever you’ve learned through books, online and in the classroom.

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