Learn English meaning of ‘moving out’ – Moving Out

Brian:  Sara, this weekend I have to help my little brother move out of my parents’ house.

Sara_R:  That is so exciting. It is so fun to be independent for the first time.

Brian:  Yeah, I’m a little worried he might not be responsible enough to handle life on his own, though.

Sara_R:  Maybe not ready to leave the nest?

Brian:  Yeah, it seems like the next stage in his life. It’s for college. Hopefully he’ll be able to make his own rules and be an independent and responsible adult.

Sara_R:  That would be great. Having your very own space is just amazing.

Brian:  Yeah, it is kind of nice. You get to eat when you want to eat, clean up when you want to clean. I love not living with my parents.

Sara_R:  That’s great. I think he’ll be responsible. It’s a testing time. So, you never know.

Brian:  Yeah, I guess if there are any dire emergencies, we’re all around to help him out.

Sara_R:  He’ll make mistakes and he’ll make good decisions, too.

Brian:  Yeah, he’s a smart cookie, because he’s already talked me into helping him move.

Sara_R:  He’s a salesman.

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