Learn Chinese with Miaomiao

Quality educational shows and apps for kids learning Mandarin Chinese can be hard to find.

Today, I would like to introduce our favorite Mandarin Chinese show and app, Miaomiao. This Chinese learning resource provides a boost for young kids’ learning.

review of Miaomiao Kidz

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There are sorts of Chinese videos on YouTube. Some are good and others are not. If you are in search of extra quality resources for support, then Miaomiao is a great choice.

Miaomiao is a valuable Mandarin resource. It has engaging media, an app & a TV series, plus educational resources.

Miaomiao started around the same time I created Fortune Cookie Mom. I met one of the team members on Twitter and we became good friends.

When they finally finished Miaomiao and were ready to launch, they asked me to write a review for them.

Our Experience with Miaomiao

I focus on teaching my kids Cantonese first and Mandarin second. Miaomiao has been a perfect way to introduce them to Mandarin. Their cute and well-made TV series has helped my kids maintain interest in learning Chinese.

My children (ages 7,5,3) are very interested in watching and even saying the words in Mandarin Chinese out loud. The characters are cute and fun to watch. The series left a great impression on us.

Each episode focuses on one new vocabulary word which makes it easy to learn and remember.

I was so happy to try their newest app Miaomiao’s Chinese for Kids app with my kids. This app gave us an extra boost through videos and tracing Chinese games.

My kids would work extra hard during the day, so they could earn 10 minutes of Miaomiao’s app each day.

The experience was great. My kids have been asking to watch Miaomiao during their screen time for months. They still remember all the vocabulary words learned from each episode.

What is Miaomiao?

iaomiao, by Lofty Ski Entertainment, is an innovative digital media production company from Canada. They created a whole TV series and apps to enhance Chinese language learning. 

Who is Miaomiao for?

It’s perfect for introducing Mandarin Chinese to pre-schoolers and young children (age 2-5). 

Why They Made Miaomiao: Their Mission

The Miaomiao team is a mix of English and Chinese speakers. Each with a connection to the Chinese language and culture. The Miaomiao team understands the impact of screen time. They also understand issues around Chinese language acquisition for young children. And they set out to create a stress-free, fun, and engaging way for kids to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Learn Chinese with Miaomiao

Miaomiao has a TV series and seven apps to turn screen time into learning time for young kids.

Miaomiao TV Series

review of Miaomiao Kidz

Miaomiao has a TV series with a total of 36 episodes.

The TV series follows the adventures of little Miaomiao and her friends. The characters learn as they explore their imaginative world, and solve problems. The power of friendship wins the day at the end of each episode.

In each episode, they teach a new Chinese vocab word and phrase related to the story.

All through the TV series, there is humor to keep kids engaged and it will have your kids laughing. This TV series is perfect for introducing Mandarin Chinese to young kids.

You can watch on Amazon Prime Video or a limited number of episodes on Miaomiao YouTube Channel

review of Miaomiao Kidz

The Miaomiao team has created many apps. These apps go hand in hand with the TV series. After watching an episode, use the Miaomiao’s Chinese for Kids App. They will be able to learn how to write what the Chinese learned from each episode.

Features of Miaomiao’s Chinese for Kids App

  • 50+ episodes of Miaomiao and friends going on adventures and teaching Chinese words.
  • Mandarin preschool teachers and early language learning consultants helped develop the app. This helps ensure learning outcomes
  • Each episode contains an interactive end. Children can trace the Chinese characters learned during the video.
  • Includes a parent console. View your child’s progress and see which words they’ve learned. See a history of episodes they’ve watched.
  • COPPA compliant, ensuring privacy for your child. No ads or in-app purchases.

These are the other Miaomiao apps that you can use while teaching your kids Chinese.

Click this link to learn more about all Miaomiao apps with videos and pictures.

Pricing of Miaomiao

Miaomiao TV Series

HD videos are USD$0.99 for each episode or get it for free with Amazon Prime Video.

Miaomiao Apps

Miaomiao’s Chinese for Kids and other apps are USD$3.99.

Pros and Cons of Miaomiao

review of Miaomiao Kidz

  1. Miaomiao Teaches Chinese Culture
  1. The Pronunciation from Miaomiao is very Native-like Mandarin Chinese
  1. Miaomiao TV Series is Educational and Fun to Watch
  1. Miaomiao’s Apps are Easy and Fun to Use

I wish there were more episodes in the series. I also wish they would include more Chinese cultural stories and festivals. Finally, it would have been nice to have printable activities to go with.

The Miaomiao team did a great job! Creating all these amazing learning Chinese resources for kids is no small task. I know my kids love it and so will yours. Plus it’s very affordable and easy to access.

Other Review from Others

“Miaomiao’s Chinese for Kids is an engaging way for young children to get a taste of Mandarin Chinese. They can learn over 100 words and phrases by seeing, hearing, and writing with characters.”

— 5-star editor review from

“Overall, an engaging app with an emphasis on the development of Chinese characters, ideal for young children encountering Chinese for the first time. Worth of its 4-star rating.”

— 4-star teacher review from the Educational App Store.

“We started watching this yesterday and my kids love it!” — Kate Chen, Facebook User

“OH MY!! this show is wonderful!!! 10/10 would recommend to a friend.” — Alex Smith, Youtube User

“I LOVE IT I LOVE COCO AND BEEP BEEP.” —Pamela Taylor, YouTube User

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There aren’t many Chinese resources out there. Miaomiao is one of the best media resources. With a TV series and many apps to enhance our kids’ Chinese learning experience, its a great option. I am grateful for their fantastic work and creativity. We are so fortunate to have them.

Not sure if your kids are interested in learning Mandarin Chinese? Watch Miaomiao’s video on YouTube to gauge their interest.

Have you tried to watch Miaomiao’s TV series yet?

How’s your experience? Please share it with us in the comments below.

review of Miaomiao Kidz

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This is the second 5-Day Challenge that we have done with Fortune Cookie Mom. Both have been very beneficial to our family. I am a homeschool mom of three little kids. We are not Chinese and do not speak any Chinese. With the help of Fortune Cookie Mom, we are slowly learning! The challenges have given me fun activities to do at home with the kids. Each one has reignited my kid’s interest in learning. It has been a fun experience for everybody!


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