Learn English meaning of pet peeves – Pet Peeves

Marni:  Kellie, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people just stand around when you’re trying to walk and get around somebody. People are just so oblivious to their personal space.

Kellie:  Oh, really? Yeah, I can see how that would be annoying. But I try not to get hung up on something like that.

Marni:  I was driving here and then I got cut off. People are just so inconsiderate.

Kellie:  That is rude, but maybe you need to just let go.

Marni:  Really?

Kellie:  Yeah. You don’t have to think about these things. Refocus your energy on something else.

Marni:  I guess I just have so many pet peeves. People just don’t consider other people. And that really irks me.

Kellie:  I understand. I used to be like that. But then I just try to think about the positive.

Marni:  Alright, I guess, I’ll try to take some advice from you. But perky people are also a pet peeve of mine.

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