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Learn English Vocabulary: Going to the theatre

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In a theatre, you buy your tickets at the:
The person who checks your ticket and guides you to your seat is called:
The area where the audience sits is called the:
In a larger theatre, your ticket will tell you where to sit with a __________ letter and a _________ number.
To avoid disrupting the show, remember to turn off your __________ before it begins.
There is often a planned break in the middle of a show. This is called an:
The people who perform on stage are called:
What is another name for the developing story of a play?
If a story is set in the past, then the costumes and hairstyles will usually be:
If you have really enjoyed a production, which of the following would be a good word to describe it?

We enjoy your lesson.
Could you do the same lesson related to the cinema?
Thank you very much.

Tuesday, March 24th 2020

Hi Gill,
thank you for this highly interesting lesson, however, at this moment, unfortunately, for the rest part of the world, it is quite unnecessary. All the amenities (schools, museums, shops, theatres… ) are closed because of the coronavirus, all the streets are empty and scary. There is strict curfew here. That said, in two or three weeks, we could it need again. I hope so strongly.

Tuesday, March 24th 2020

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