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For adult learners, this means you can keep your chin up! There’s no reason you can’t become proficient or conversational as an adult. Your learning methods as an adult are different than they were when you were a child: children learning languages are in a constant state of immersion and must simultaneously learn a new language and create an understanding of what language is. That may give you more control over your own personal learning process, since understanding what language is and how, on a high level, it functions, gives you a better framework to understand Spanish. Fluencia was designed for adult learners, taking advantage of the English you already know and leveraging your existing knowledge to help provide feedback as to not just how but why you make a mistake on a question. This feedback is especially important for adults, as it helps you retain information better and allows you to apply the structural patterns you learn.

So what’s the right time to learn Spanish? Right now! In fact, the only wrong time to start learning is “later”!

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