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Is it safe?

Yes, Since we started the project all of our students and staff haven’t experince any inconvinience regarding safety

Is it only one week?

Yes, we have the same content week after week, this is just an introductory course intended to collect tips to reinvest in the community.

How much is the average tip you receive?

travellers usually support our cause with $20.0000 to $30.000 pesos per day they take.

What levels to you provide?

This clases are designed only for people with zero or very basic Spanish level

The sources of these problems are that education is a business, methodologies are boring and teachers don’t have the motivation to change it!

Unhappy to see how education is, we decided to do something about it:

We decided to focus on the education part and not on the business side 🙂 this allowed us to decrease prices to give access to more people, pay double to our teachers so they can have more possibilities in life and finally, we decided to create a methodology that makes our students learn a lot while having fun. Our students really enjoy coming to class

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