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Learn (Mandarin) Chinese with Pakistan China Institute & Bahria University to give yourself the ‘Chinese Edge’

With the initiation of CPEC and increased interaction of local populace with Chinese Companies, PCI observed that there is a communication gap between Pakistanis and the Chinese. With Pakistan China Institute playing pivotal role in Pakistan-China relations we believe it is our duty to bridge this gap and for that we have initiated Chinese Language Classes for professionals in collaboration with the Confucius Institute. Confucius Institute is an educational organization affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China whose aim is to promote Chinese Culture and Language locally and internationally.

About the Course

Designed to develop and reinforce language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing as it relates to everyday situations, our course targets professionals without prior training in Chinese.

The objectives are:

The course takes a fun, interactive approach with learning materials appropriate to professionals. The course features intensive listening and speaking fluency practice sessions and aims to develop conversation skills as well as cultural awareness for professional dealing with the Chinese.

Course Duration

Meet our Students

It was a good course for me, I’ve learnt a lot. The best thing about the course was the teacher. But on the other hand the time span is too short for this course. It was like a crash course. Duration of the course should be increased.
Overall a good effort.

This Language Course is very useful for me, now I can easily converse with Chinese on different projects.

This course helped me in learning the basics of Chinese language and Understanding. Teacher and Learning material was good. Course timing and schedule can be improved. PCI is a professional platform and I am happy to deal with them. Thank you very much for providing us this learning opportunity.

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