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We recently had a discussion with our winter intern, Paco, about learning French as a native language vs as a secondary language. Paco is a student from France and learned French as his first language, so we were curious to see what tips, differences, and mistakes he sees people make who learned French as their first language vs as a secondary language.

Here are some of his thoughts:

Here are few concepts that you need to understand to start learning French. They are basics in France, but most foreign people find those concepts tough to learn:

As a French student in New York City I had the opportunity to talk with some people who learn French in the United States and there are some common mistakes I hear from non-native speakers which are:

“A blue hat” -> “Un chapeau bleu”

Thank you, Paco for your insight on this interesting topic! You can meet Paco and ask him questions of your own at our upcoming Trial classes on 12/18/2017. RSVP here!

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