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(You’ll find a short vocabulary list at the bottom of this article containing the underlined words. If there are any other words you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask).

Welcome to my newest blog post about one of the longest running film sagas, Star Wars, the first episode of which came out in 1977. In this blog post you find out how to identify different English accents with Star Wars.

We will look at the following questions: 

What is Star wars about?

For all of you who haven’t watched Star Wars so far, I will briefly tell you what Star Wars is about and introduce the main characters.

Star Wars is set in a future time in a Galaxy far, far away… it follows the adventures of the ‘Jedi’ fighters (the ‘goodies’) and their rebel supporters struggling against the Galactic Empire forces (the ‘baddies’). 

Main characters

The main characters are:

Photo by Jim Tegman on Unsplash

The Star Wars saga has now concluded after its ninth episode.

What accents can i identify with star wars?

The Star Wars director is American. 

You will hear Brits using a British accent, as well as Brits using an American accent and, of course, Americans using an American accent.

Let us look at each of the main characters and the accent they have and how you can identify which accent it is: 

North American Accent

British English Accents

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Which vocabulary can I learn with common expressions and famous conversations?

To help you understand the film better and be able to get more out of it in its original English format (and of course to learn new vocabulary), we now look at some famous conversations and quotes, as well as common expressions. 

Famous conversations and quotes

Star Wars would not be Star Wars without some famous conversations and quotes:

As you can see from these three quotes, there are some words and phrases, which are not commonly used in everyday English. The word ‘twerp’, for

If you would like to read some more famous quotes I can recommend this list from

Star Wars-specific vocabulary

There are also Star Wars-specific words and phrases that you should know before you watch the films. Here are just a few:

Which additional resources can I use to improve my English with Star Wars?

Besides watching the film, you can also improve your language skills with lots of additional resources around Star Wars. 

The best places to find additional resources are either the British Council website or the BBC Learning English website. Here you will find extra exercises to help you improve your English with Star Wars.

Everyone has their own ways to learn new things in a language. Star Wars helps you to improve your skills in addition to watching the films by:

As you can see there are many different and fun ways to learn English with Star Wars. The Star Wars saga contains a lot that more advanced learners will be able to use. 

If you’d like to find out about other things to watch, then read my previous posts about the best Netflix series.

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May the force be with you! Comment on what you have learnt from the Star Wars films.

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