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Flashcards are a great tool to use for learning and remembering new English vocabulary. They are versatile and fun. Flashcards can be used for drilling new information and then testing the recall of this information. They can also be used in other more engaging and fun ways. Flashcard games keep kids engaged and learning. Playing flashcard games together with your child is a fun way to increase her English vocabulary

Here are some of favorite flashcard games.

Slap That!

Slap That! is a card game that requires 4 or more sets of the same flashcards. Shuffle cards and deal them equally to players. Cards are left in a face-down pile in front of each player. Players take turns QUICKLY taking the top card from her pile and placing it in the middle of the group. When a card is placed on top of a card with the same word, the players race to be the first one to slap the pile while saying the word! The player who slaps first wins the pile and adds the pile of cards to the bottom of her cards. The player who wins all the cards (or who has the most cards after a time limit) wins the game!

Memory Game

The Memory Game is played with 2 sets of the same flashcards. Place all the cards face down on the table, neatly. Players take turns flipping over 2 cards. If the cards are a match, the player must say the word or use the word in a sentence. If the player is correct, she keeps the cards and gets to go again. If the cards do not match or if the player is wrong, the cards are turned back over and her turn is over. When all the matches have been found, the player with the most cards is the winner!

Guess Who

Guess Who is played with one set of flashcards. Place the flashcards face up on the table, neatly. Choose one of the cards. Do not touch it. Just remember it and do not tell the other players. The other players ask yes or no questions to try to guess what card was chose. For example, “Is it red?” or “Does it have eyes?” Play this game until the right card is guessed or until time runs out.

Spoons is played with 4 sets of the same flashcards. To set up the game, place one less spoon than the number of players in the middle of the table. Deal 4 cards to each player. Keep the rest of the cards in a pile next to the dealer. Each player tries to get 4 of a kind. The dealer takes a card from the stack next to her and decides to keep it or not. Either way the dealer passes one card to the player on her right. Then the dealer quickly picks another card and passes a card. Each player is getting cards from the right and passing them to the left.. The first player with 4 of a kind slowly takes a spoon and continues to play as normal. Once one player has taken a spoon, anyone can take a spoon. The player who does not get a spoon is out and the game restarts with one less player. Play until one one person is left and they are the winner!

Go Fish

Go Fish is played with two sets of the same flashcards. Deal four or five cards to each player. Place the rest of the cards face down in “the pond,” middle of the table. Players take turns asking one other player, “Do you have a _____________?” If the other player has it, she must give it to the asking player. The asking player then places the match face up in front or her. And she goes again. If the other player doesn’t have it, the player says, ‘Go fish!”. And the asking player, picks a card from the pond. If the card that is picked is a match, the asking player goes again. If not, her turn is over. When all matches have been made, the game is over and the player with the most pairs wins!

Find It

Find It is played with one set of cards. The cards are placed face up on a table or around a room. The leader calls out the name of a flashcard or describes the flashcard and the other players need to race to find the right card. The player who finds the right flashcard first must use the word in a sentence. If they do, they can keep the card. The game is played until all the cards are found. The player with the most cards wins!

Secret Spy

Secret Spy can be played with 2 or 4 sets of the same flashcards. There must be one flashcard that does not have a match. This is the secret spy. The winner is the player who ends up with the secret spy. Deal all the cards evenly to the players. Players hold the cards in their hands and do not show them to other players. Players see if their hand has any matches. If they do, they place the match in front of themselves. Then players take turns asking another player for a card. The player that is asked fans their cards out without showing the pictures for the asking player to choose one. The asking player can pick any card from the other player’s hand. If it is a match, to a card the player already has, the player needs to say the word or use the word in a sentence and place the cards down. Then the players, turn is over. The player who is left with the secret spy wins!

Playing flashcard games together with your child is a great complement to our online English immersion programs. Are you ready to open a world of possibilities for your child? Schedule a free trial English lesson today!

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