Resource of the Month – Early Learning – French – Space – PowerLanguage

by learn a language journalist

In this video we introduce the story of a little astronaut girl called Léa, together with 8 individual space objects & 8 colours. Suggested activities: 1. Watch the story for enjoyment. 2. Pause and ask learners to repeat phrases/words or ask them questions eg. What do you see? What colour is this? 3. Learners act out/mime the story or continue the story by drawing pictures of what else they think Léa can see in space. 4. Ask learners what other words they recognise & can work out the meaning of eg. Attention/Zoum.

This video is part of our French – Space – Early Years Dossier, where you can find other resources on this theme. New to PowerLanguage Schools or would like access to more of this content? Visit our website to find out how we can help you, your school and your learners!

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