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The LEO: Learn English Online Program is specifically designed for  pre-intermediate to intermediate level students seeking to improve their English and communication skills for business and conversational purposes.  It is a program that encompasses various topics on grammar and writing.

Our online program provides an INTEGRATED learning experience in three different levels and packages: Level 1 (Standard), Level 2 (Premium), and Level 3 (Platinum).  Level one contains basic overview of grammar and writing and provides a brush-up on many different topics.  Level two focuses more on specific topics and goes more in-depth with explanation.  Level three is high intermediate to advanced, a very in-depth and intensive program.

What is in our integrated program?  We offer 20 hours of live online sessions, 10 hours of worksheets, 5-10 hours of videos and assignments.

How?  You will be able to join other students from different parts of the world in a live session with one of our Specialists.  When you register, we will send you, prior to the start of the class,  the link to log on and participate in the live learning session.


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