5 ways to learn English with TV

by learn a language journalist

One of the points of living abroad to study English is that you will be studying the language all the time, not only when you’re in school. Everywhere you go, anything you buy or do is going to be in English. Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed but that’s the best (and fastest) way to automatically learn and memorize new words. 

Watching TV in a foregain language is a good way to study and entertain yourself. We’ll give you some ideas about how to not only watch TV but also improve your English at the same time. 

  1. Use the repetition technique 

There’re some TV series and movies that we like so much that we kind of know all the sentences by heart, right? Why not watch them again and again but this time focusing on what the characters say? It’s a good way to pain attention to the words that they’re saying and learn some new ones.

  1. Schedule English listening practice with tv before bedtime or naps

Before you go to bed or take a nap try to watch an episode that it isn’t too long (something around 30min). If possible take notes on a notebook for new words and expressions. Next day go through your notes and you’ll probably remember the meaning of each word. 

  1. Use subtitles 

Subtitles can be a good help to your brain to memorize how to write the words, sentences and expressions. When you see it written down it will make it easier next time you need to write or say that word.

  1. Watch educational content (on any subject)

When you live abroad it’s cool to try to get immersed in the culture of the new country. For example, watching the news can help you to be aware of what is going on in your “new country”. If you don’t like watching the news, you can try to watch a movie or TV series about a subject that involves the country that you’re living in. 

  1. Turn on English-language TV as often as possible

The truth is that even if you’re not really watching TV when you listen to it you will automatically pick some words up and get used to them. It’s a good way to practise your listening. You can also listen to music or a radio station. 

Hope you enjoy our tips and start watching TV both to entertain yourself and improve your language skills. If you have any suggestions for next posts, let a comment for us below 🙂

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