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by learn a language journalist

Being young is the best time to learn Mandarin. It’s that simple!

Our courses are fun and interactive but always tailored towards the individual child’s needs.

Some kids need a lot of fun while others can deal with a more structured curriculum when studying online. It all depends on the child and we will make sure that the course will fit your child’s needs.

History – 10+ years of experience
Experienced – More than 100,000 hours taught
Established – 8 schools in China, Taiwan & Singapore
Success – LTL students have a 95% HSK pass rate

It is a very small program designed to give your child a little head start in Mandarin.

50 hours of 1-on-1 online Chinese classes for your child with an experienced Chinese language teacher.

A good way to start getting serious about Mandarin and making solid progression.

This is the most popular option for kids to study Chinese online with LTL. A solid program, designed to get your child ahead in Mandarin quickly. Fully tailored to your needs and time requirements, this program gets your child up by one HSK level.

With bigger programs the prices get lower and the Kids / Teens 100 is a great program if you want your child to study Mandarin seriously.

The intensive program is designed to set your child on the path to fluency in Mandarin. With this program your child will progress by two HSK levels. This package is going to make a real difference in your child’s learning progress.

Discount Klaxon: When two children take online classes together, there is a 20% discount each!

Arrive on time, have the study materials ready, a quiet place to sit down without distractions around, sit straight on a proper chair etc. While it is possible to take classes via mobile phone or an iPad, we do not recommend this.

The LTL summer camp is designed for children from 7 – 17 years of age. At the same time teenagers can join programs at all our schools all through the year.

Our pricing is always very straight forward and the prices you see above are all you will be paying for.

If your child has not finished all it’s online classes within the class validity, simply apply for an extension free of charge.

You can extend your child’s classes validity for up to two years without any extra cost.

Just as important as a stable network however are a quiet room without distractions, a chair and a desk to sit on for your child during class. Also make that your child’s mobile phone is switched off during class.

Make sure all Bluetooth devices are disconnected as they tend to block the microphone, speakers and camera of many devices.

For kids usually a one hour class is what we start with, though with a break this can also be extended.

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