WSE | 10 Reasons To Learn English in London

by learn a language journalist
1.   Top Quality Schools
Studying English in London provides an experience like no other. With such a wide choice of great quality language schools who all have London on their doorsteps, you are going to have the best time ever. A good school, like Wimbledon School of English, will provide a fun and diverse social programme for you at a minimal cost to help make London accessible to you so that you can put into practice what you learn in class when you go out and about.

 2.       Real English

The minute you go to the London markets, take a bus or train, ask for directions you will encounter the English language in all its varieties. Go to different parts of the city and you will find different cultures speaking variations of “London English”. Go to the suburbs, where families live and practise evesdropping! This is when you listen to people’ s conversations in restaurants, on buses etc. Normally they aren’t talking about anything too deep but it is great for you to hear real English being spoken.

International Students learning English in London

 3.       Cultural diversity and friendship

Inside and outside your classroom you will hear and talk to people in English from all over the world. People are drawn to London to learn English so you can expect to make friends with classmates from all continents. It gives you a real reason to practise the English you have been learning – and remember everyone is in the same boat! It  is an amazing experience and can lead to lifelong friendships…and exciting future holiday destinations!

 4.       Don’t believe the hype – London is NOT expensive

Well, not everything in London is expensive! What other city in the world provides free access to all major museums and art galleries. Not to mention the number of parks and green spaces. Come to study in the summer and you will discover lots of free festivals and events on in parks. Have a walk down Southbank, enjoy the sites on the river and all the street entertainers. Some London English language schools even have a typical English garden for students to enjoy in their free time.  Go to the markets and you will find that things are often cheaper than back home.

Wimbledon School of English has its own garden for students to enjoy!

 5.       The Seasons

People talk about English weather…and not always in a positive way!  In London the climate is often milder than in other parts of the country. You can enjoy the changing seasons but don’t  spend  too much time staring out of your classroom window when you should be studying! Visit Wimbledon Common in the Spring with your classmates and see the daffodils. You will even find a windmill there! If you study in the suburbs, Zone 3 or 4 of London you will often have accommodation near the school…easy to get to class when the snow starts. In the summer you can take advantage of the many green spaces to have picnics with your friends. Autumn I London can last until November – see the beautiful changes in colours of the trees.

 6.       Nightlife

A lively social life will help you practise the English you are studying during the day. You could live in London for 10 years and never run out of nightlife choices from West End theatres to clubs, to live music gigs to “pop up” food markets and indoor beaches….you will never be bored and will always find something new to do. London is a vibrant city where you never get too old for the nightlife. There are even night buses all through the night if you are living and studying in Wimbledon or other areas of London outside of the centre. Just don’t forget to be on time for class the next day!

 7.       Architecture

Wherever you choose to study in London you will find a wealth and diversity of architecture from the traditional Houses of Parliament to the ultra modern Shard. Visit the top floor of the Shard for  an amazing view of London or be cheeky and get off on the 32nd floor for a drink in the bar and an equally amazing view.  Explore the hidden areas of London, book a walking tour and explore such areas as Wimbledon Village to discover the haunted pubs dating back centuries.

8.       People watching

When you need a break from doing homework and you partied too much the night before go and sit in a coffee shop in Soho and watch the world go by. The characters and fashions that you see before you will be worth  it. London is at the cutting edge of fashion and Soho is where you see everything at anytime of day or night. You may even spot a few famous people. Of course,  people watching anywhere in London is a great pastime from Brixton to Hampstead Heath to Wimbledon Village, don’t restrict yourself to the centre of town  to see some amazing  people and sights. Just remember you too are part of this live pastime of all Londoners

 9.       A Reputation for Good English Language Education

With over 100 British Council accredited schools in London the quality of English language teaching is incredible. It is not like studying as you know it. In an English class you will have discussions, solve problems, do presentations, laugh, be challenged to think outside of the box an all in the name of learning English. Remember when choosing a school you can look at the EL Gazette rankings of schools to choose the right one for you.

Wimbledon School of English

10. A Truly Once in a Lifetime Experience

Studying in London is more than just doing an English language course. it is an all-round experience that will stay with you forever. From the friends you make, to the classroom experiences, to the friendship you form with your host family, to the food you eat and the parties you go to, there will never be another experience quite like it… don’t miss out. Join us in 2019!

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