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Things to Do

The location of the school enables students to plan many activities, most of which are conveniently close by. There are a number of shopping centres around Malaga, but two of the best in the region are a few stops away via the metro or about a 20 minute walk for those who wish to travel by foot. The Larios Commercial Centre and Maria Zambrano train station are next to each other with an impressive list of shops and restaurants inside. For shopaholics, the main street Calle Marqués de Larios in central Malaga will not disappoint.

There are a number of cinemas, theatres and venues around Malaga hosting all kinds of performances, such as stand-up comedies and traditional Spanish flamenco dancing for those who like a show. Another good option for groups would be one of the bowling allies, Divernostrum or Bowling 80. You can also find many ‘salones de juegos’ in Malaga, which are essentially gaming arcades.

There’s also a lot that visitors can do here without the necessity of spending money. A short walk away from the academy will lead students to the Parque del Oeste, a beautiful park with plenty of quiet spots to sit, unwind and take in the greenery, but with more open spaces to run and stay active. Competitive students may enjoy a game of football or basketball in one of the many public multi-use courts also nearby the school.

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