It’s Hard! Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Face Woes of Helping Their Daughters Learn Spanish

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Eva Mendes doesn’t like bringing her personal life into the limelight. She is a private individual. However, she was happy to open up on her relationship with her partner and their children. In an interview with The Talk, Eva spoke of her long-standing relationship with Ryan Gosling and the woes they are facing trying to teach their daughters, Esmeralda Amada, and Amada Lee Gosling how to communicate in Spanish. Since she is Cuban, the 45-year old Lost River star explains she communicates with her kids in Spanish sometimes and it has been difficult trying to teach her daughters to be fluent in her language.

“We have done our best to teach the kids to speak Spanish. It weird though because I mostly speak Spanish at home and the kids are picking it up. What they speak is a mixture, its Spanglish. Sometimes my daughter says ‘Mummy, my Boca (mouth) hurts. It’s like I got something in my diente (tooth)’ It sounds really cute but might just sound not-so-cute outside the house.

She also revealed that at one point in time, she didn’t have any plans to have children. However, when she met Ryan, all that went out the window. When she fell head over heel for him, the actress says she just wanted to have his babies. Seems these sentiments are powerful and true because, in an interview with Women’s Health, Eva told the magazine that she not only did her feelings about becoming  a mother change but her priorities in life changed. According to her, these days she is more ambitious and driven about her home and family than at her place of work.

According to Mendez, this significant shift in her life may have been unplanned, but it was a great blessing. “Ryan Gosling happened to me… and then it all made sense.”

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