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Want to study Spanish? Well, so do we. And, since we decided to go to a Spanish immersion school in Spain, you wouldn’t believe how many questions we received about it! (Here’s a hint: LOTS!)

These questions came from both friends and readers of our blogs and were quite varied but, the most common question was, by far:

Why Study Spanish In Spain and not somewhere else in Latin America?

This is a valid question, since, after all, there are 21 Spanish-speaking countries in the world. So, why did we choose Spain?

Our answer is two-fold:

I’ll tackle each of these considerations separately..

Why Study Spanish In Spain: Cost

This was a big consideration for us. We live in Puerto Rico and there is a Spanish language school here (near San Juan) that provides the same service, so why not just go to school here?

Take a look at the prices in the table below and the answer will be pretty apparent. It’s a bit shocking how expensive Puerto Rico is comparing to Spain. Actually, it’s a bit shocking how expensive most places we looked at are in comparison to Spain.

Spain is, by far, the cheapest option we found. I guess this makes sense in some ways, it is where the language started after all, right?

Yes, we are fully aware that Spanish is a bit different in Spain that it is in Latin America but honestly Spanish is a bit different than in Puerto Rico just about everywhere else in the world. Check out my post on Spanglish – The Language Of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico’s Spanish is just different. But, we’re hoping that getting a solid base in Spanish (in Spain), will help us switch over to the local Spanish (or Puerto Rican Spanish).

Immersion Spanish Courses Tuition (Study Spanish):

Country Weekly Cost (20 courses/week) Extras
Puerto Rico, San Juan $315 Only 3hrs/day. Unclear on other fees.
Mexico, Oaxaca $157 $55 registration, books included
Panama, Bocas Del Toro $275 Includes all materials & fees
Guatemala, Antigua $195 Includes all materials, except dictionary
Chile, Santiago $225 Includes all materials & fees
Spain, Granada* $130 Includes all materials & fees
Peru, Lima $165 Includes all materials & fees

As indicated, the above table just shows the tuition prices for language schools we found. As part of our own analysis, we did a calculation on what it would cost us to drive the 2 hours to and from the school and the tuition here, versus the flight to Spain plus tuition. Believe it or not, going to Spain was still cheaper than commuting to San Juan!

And I’m not even including the cost of living because even that appears cheaper in Spain.

Why Study Spanish In Spain: Location

We have explored several countries in Central America and like most of them. But, going to school there would not really be anything new for us.

And honestly, as I said in my previous post, doesn’t pretty much everyone want to go to Europe? So, we thought, why not combine a European vacation with the study of the language?

We wanted to visit my parents in Poland anyway and, although I’ve lived in and visited many countries in Northern Europe, I’ve never been to Spain. So, this will be a new experience for us. A new adventure.

We are also very curious about Spain because we wonder whether the many cultural differences we encounter in Puerto Rico, originated in Spain. Puerto Rico is part of the USA, this is true, but it is soooo different than the mainland. We wonder if it isn’t culturally closer to Spain than the USA. Looking at the history, that would make sense.

So, we’re going to find out for ourselves and why not? smiley smilie

If all goes well, next year (2017), we may also visit South America and maybe do a 2-3 months of immersion Spanish school there – we wouldn’t mind studying Spanish in Peru, Chile or Ecuador as well. I guess, we shall see…

It is all a grand adventure for us and our interest in studying Spanish is a part of that adventure.

Wish us luck!

Oh, and we’ll fill you in on whether the decision to study Spanish in Spain is a good one, once we get there.


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